Ketamine for Severe Depression & Chronic Pain

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We offer Psychedelic assisted therapy with Ketamine, NAD + infusions, and nutrient IVs to restore the brain’s natural balance and improve the health of the brain, mind, and body.

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Perhaps you or a loved one is suffering from severe depression or chronic pain and it’s come to the point where it’s absolutely unbearable, or worse, you fear them taking their own life. It might not make sense to you, “why can’t I snap out of this,” “why does nothing work,” and “why am I this way?”

Ketamine-Clinic-Charlotte-NCKetamine is a groundbreaking treatment for severe depression and it works quickly.

Ketamine is a well-known and widely used anesthetic. It’s been used safely for decades as a sedation for operative procedures. In the last 10 years, it has been discovered that it can treat severe depression and chronic pain. While the exact reason as to why Ketamine works so well is not yet known, it is thought to work as a reset to the brain restoring neurotransmitter function and improve mood and energy.

As the only service provider in the greater Charlotte area to provide personal IV hydration, we’re very excited to be one of the very few offices in North Carolina who now offer Ketamine treatments in the comfort of our Hydrate Medical® clinic and spa. We do require a referral or approval from your PCP or psychiatrist. You can find our brochure on ketamine here.

Who is Ketamine For?

  • Those who failed traditional therapy for severe depression and anxiety
  • Those who suffer from PTSD
  • Those who suffer from chronic and debilitating pain

Ketamine treatment clinic in Charlotte NC for severe depression and chronic pain at Hydrate Medical<sup>®</sup>.What Can You Expect from a Ketamine Infusion?

The dose of Ketamine used in the personal IV infusions is small and will not cause you to go to sleep. We’ll take your weight and height measurements and the severity of your depression into account and customize the infusion for you.

How Can You Prepare for an Infusion?

  • Do not take lamictal for 6 hours before or after your infusion.
  • You cannot eat for 4 hours before the infusion, but drinking water, tea or coffee is OK.
  • Refrain from taking any sedatives such as benzodiazepines for 12 hours before and 4 hours after.
  • You will need a ride home as you will not be able to drive after the treatment.
  • Do not sign any contracts or make financial decisions for 12 hours after treatment.

Results you can expect from Ketamine treatments for severe depression and chronic pain in Charlotte NC.What Results Can I Expect?

We wish we could guarantee you’ll feel better after treatment, but there is no guarantee. Between 70-80% of clients see a greater than 50% reduction in their depression symptoms after 6 treatments.

What we will know is during your first treatment if it’s going to continue to work for you or not. Once we determine that Ketamine will work for you, we’ll continue a series of 6 treatments over a two-week period. Of those who have received treatment, 50% remain improved and will not require additional boosters. The other 50% do quite well with an occasional booster of two infusions performed once a month or every few months and can be spaced out over time.

The Life-Changing Process:

You’ll be in a comfortable room in our spa-like clinic under the care and supervision of an emergency trained RN and one of our providers (NP or MD) trained in advanced management and experienced in Ketamine administration.

Referral and continued care from a psychiatrist or PCP are required for this treatment.

You can expect your mood to improve 3-4 hours after treatment. A series of treatments over 5-6 weeks is required for longer lasting effects. Side effects are minimal and infusions take approximately 45-60 minutes.

Ketamine treatment clinic in Charlotte NC for severe depression and chronic pain at Hydrate Medical<sup>®</sup>.

Ketamine for Severe Depression

As suicide rates skyrocket and depression starts to become less of a taboo to discuss and more of a need to talk about now, there are many people, loved ones, family members and friends who continue to suffer from severe depression. For those who have failed traditional therapy for depression, Ketamine administered through an IV has shown to be a very promising treatment.


  • 1 hour IV drip per visit
  • 6 treatments over the course of 6 weeks
  • $450 first treatment
  • $400 further treatment

Ketamine for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain runs rampant across North Carolina and the United States. With the high addiction rate of prescription painkillers, the decision to take these drugs can be tough to swallow. For those who deal with chronic pain, there is hope for you to reduce pain and improve function. Ketamine administered through an IV can be the answer you’re looking for to finally get your life back.


  • 4-hour infusion over 5 days in a row
  • May do additional 1 4-hour infusion weeks after if needed
  • $1,000/day = $5,000 total

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