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Feel Great. Hydrate.®

We’re Here To Help You Feel Your Best!

As the seasons change, your immune system can become run down and you could feel less than your best.

Our IV hydration therapy is a safe and medically-proven step that you can take to boost your body’s healthy immune system to put much-needed hydration and special vitamins quickly into your body.

Drips are fun to get, especially with your friends, and it’s easy to schedule an appointment at any of our locations. We’re open 7 days a week and our awesome, trained nursing teams are ready to help you bounce back.

We’re mobile, too! Call our office at 980.352.0042 to make an appointment and we’ll come to your home. Rates are $200 during regular business hours and $300 for all other times.

Each of our locations is cleaned between each client with medical-grade and environmentally-safe products. Plus, we all practice social distancing.  Feel Great. Hydrate.®


This is a Great Deal to Try Your Very First Drip

Experience personal IV hydration at half the cost! Our First Drip is perfect for those new to Drip therapy.

If you’ve been feeling run down or you’ve been sitting at home too long or you’re bored outta your gourd, our hydration treatments will revitalize you. Don’t let low energy or too much fun in the sun keep you down.

Book your First Drip for only $89.

So many of your friends and neighbors across Charlotte know Hydrate Medical® as the QC’s exclusive personal hydration service. IV hydration treatments can help you bounce back from whatever is holding you down.

Sure, it’s hip. Yes, it’s cool. And, yes, you can receive this amazing and awesome lifestyle service right here in Ballantyne.

IV hydration therapy is easy, effective and helps you feel healthy and great. Our Hydrate Medical Ballantyne team is ready to help you select the hydration therapy that is right for you and schedule your appointment. You’re only minutes away from a happy and healthy you with Hydrate Medical® Ballantyne!